Friday, March 6, 2020

Small Group Success

Small Group Success Introduction Acts 29 Network is a small group of Christian brothers in more than 400 churches in the US (Acts 29 Network, 2011, para. 1-6). The group’s mission is to spread the Gospel to the whole world and to establish new churches in different parts of the world. The group’s desire is to for a large number of people to be converted by God’s Spirit.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Small Group Success specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Over the past decade, the group has been very successful in its effort to attain its mission. For a small group to work effectively, a number of strategies must be integrated. Some of these skills relate to ensuring effective communication. This paper entails an analysis of what has made Acts 29 Network to be successful. The analysis emphasizes on communication in small groups. Analysis In its operation, Acts 29 Network ensures that there is clarity on the groupâ⠂¬â„¢s mission amongst its members. To achieve this, the group ensures that all the ‘planters’ have a clear understanding of the set standards regarding its operations. The network achieves this by incorporating good leadership that ensures a clear and comprehensive understanding of its mission and vision. The group has developed a strong leadership culture that ensures that its members have a strong understanding of its philosophy before starting. To uphold this, the network has integrated continuous communication which entails emphasizing the core values that the members should uphold. This has culminated into the members developing a well-build sense of vision and mission. Additionally, the effective leadership keeps the team members focused. Considering the network’s mission to spread the gospel to the whole world, the group has incorporated the concept of teamwork. This has been achieved by organizing evangelical projects which team members participate in. T he team leaders are effective in helping all members to participate by undertaking a comprehensive explanation of all the activities that the team members are expected to undertake. Some of these activities include participating with other men from different denominations in spreading the gospel. In an effort to ensure that its evangelical projects are successful, the group leaders have integrated open communication. This is attained by ensuring that all its members participate in the decision making process. Team members are free to express their opinion regarding the implementation of the project. This has played a critical role in ensuring that there is harmony with regard to the decision that is taken by the group. According to Keen (2003, p.6), conflicts is one of the major factors that lead to group failure. In a team’s operation, conflicts arise from time to time due to the divergent views of the team members. These conflicts have to be resolved amicably so as to preve nt the team from failing. Ensuring open communication such as the one integrated by Acts 29 Network is one of the ways through which teams can minimize conflicts. This arises from the fact that all the members opinions are taken into consideration.Advertising Looking for article on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion In summary, Acts 29 Network has been very successful in its effort to achieve its goals. This has arisen from integration of effective communication within the group. For example, the group ensures clarity amongst all the members with regard to its mission. The network also ensures continuous communication of its mission, vision and core values. This significantly contributes towards the members being focused. The group’s success is also associated with its ability to integrate effective team dynamics. For example, the team ensures that all members participate in the de cision making process. This is achieved by integrating open communication. Reference List Acts 29 Network. (2011). About: Act 29 is passionate about churches planting  churches. Retrieved from Keen, T.(2003). Creating effective and successful teams. West Lafayette,Ind: Ichor Business Books.

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