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Advantage and Disadvantages

Scene 1 Kevin is having a party at his house Scene 2 Mahir arrives. (Music: High High by GD and TOP) Mahir: Yo, what a crazy crib you got there, bro. Kevin: Thanks, bro essay writer pay. (Insert bro shake) Mahir throws his bag on the ground and snatches the food from the table. Kevin: The rest of the guests are not here yet. Mahir: Whatever, man. The girl I met at the bar last night was so hot like the sun. She was on fire man! Background music plays: Alicia Keys – On Fire The maid stroll past him and Mahir oogles her with his eyes. Mahir: Is she your girlfriend, man? Kevin: No, that’s my maid. Mahir: I wanna hire her.Scene 3 Doorbell Rings (Billionaire –Bruno Mars) Vikram: It’s been awhile, Kevin. Kevin: It hasn’t been that long. Its been like, three days. Vikram: That’s long, man. It’s a long time especially since I’m making money. Kevin: You mean we. Vikram: Of course, of course. I meant, us. Mahir: Yo, whats up? Vikram: Have we met before? Mahir: I don’t think so. I’m Mahir. I’m Kevin’s friend. We’ve known each other since we were sharing diapers. Vikram: Yeah, sure. Whatever. Kevin behind Vikram, he’ll try to shush Mahir. Mahir grabs Vik tie Mahir: I like your suit. Can I borrow them on Monday? I got an interview.Vikram: (Laughs sarcastically) I don’t think so. Mahir: How do you know Kevin? Vikram: We’ve been corporate share holders for the past ten years. We specialize in M & A. Mostly, A Mahir: MMA? (Boxing) Vikram: Mergers and Acquisitions. Basically, we rip people off their properties. Scene 4 Kevin opens the door to find Selina standing outside the door. She just walks inside without greeting. She goes straightaway to the table laden with snacks. As she stuff things inside her bag, Mahir: Hello, how are you? Selina: Ah, goodlah. You leh? Mahir: Very good, very good. Where are you from? Selina: Klang lah. Mahir: Klanglah?What? Selina; Klang l ah! Mahir: Nice bag, yeah? Selina: Yeah, yeah. This bag very the convenient. From Giant. Mahir: So how did you know psycho Kevin? Selina: Hah? Sorry, sorry. My England not very the good. Mahir: So, where you see Kevin? Selina: There lah! You blind ah? Mahir is stunned Mahir: Oh†¦kay. I never knew Kevin was in the house. Mahir walks away. Scene 5 Door bell rings. Isabel: Bonjour, Kevin. (Air kiss) Kevin: Isabel, come on in! Shafar: Good evening, sir. Kevin ignores Isabel’s PA (Shafar) Isabel: I’m parched. I need a drink. Shafar†¦. *snaps fingers* Shafar: What would you like to have?Isabel: Diet water. Shafar: Sure. Scene 6 Shafar heads to the snack table, finding for a glass of water when she sees Selina stuffing food inside her bag. Her eyes grow wide. Selina: Can you give me that water, ah? Shafar: Excuse me? Selina: That water, ah. Shafar: waterah? Selina: Aiyo, that water ah. Shafar: Sorry, I don’t understand. Selina: Soli, soli! Water also don†™t know. Selina pushes past her to get the bottled water, which she puts into her bag. Shafar rolls her eyes, took the other bottled water and goes to the kitchen ( Out of the stage) Scene 7 Madheeha opens the door for Tarshini. Tarshini: Hello. Gives a small timid wave) Madheeha: Hello, miss. (Madheeha lets her come in) Tarshini walks in. Tarshini: Is there any toilet in the house? Vikram overhead the question. Vikram: No. there’s none. If you wanna take a dump, go outside. Vikram walks away. Both Madheeha and Tarshini look at him. Madheeha: Just go straight and turn right. Tashini: Thank you. Tashini walks away. Scene 8 Doorbell rings. Elias: Greetings. Kevin: Hello! *Elias hugs Kevin†¦. for a long time* Kevin: Come, let me introduce you to some of my friends. Elias: Okay. They both walk towards Vikram, Isabel and Mahir. Kevin: This is Vikram, Isabel and Mahir.Selina shouts for Kevin. Kevin goes. Elias does his tradional greeting on Vikram. They both said hello. Elia s: Hello, Miss. Isabel. I am Elias. Isabel: Hello, Mr. Elias. When Elias turns to Mahir, his eyes grow wide in shocked at Mahir’s attire. Elias: What are you wearing? What is this? Mahir: What are You wearing? A dress? Vik: No, that’s his traditional attire. Didn’t you go to school? Maher: shut up Kevin: Guys, dinner time! Mahir: I’m already full. Isabel: Shafar. Shafar. Shafar! Shafar: Sorry, mam. Sorry. I was having your ‘go home’ shoes cleaned. Isabel: You should be more efficient. Shafar: I will next time.Shafar sets Isabel’s table. All move towards it. They sit down, shafar stands very close to Isabel. Elias: Did you get my sheep two days ago? Kevin: What shit? Elias: Sheep, sheep you know. Baa baa Kevin: Oh, that sheep! Baa baa black sheep. That sheep? Elias: Did you cook it? Kevin: Madheeha! Madheeha comes. Madheeha: Yes, boss? Kevin: Um, the lamb we received about, two days ago? What happened to it? Madheeha: It died. Elias: It died?! Madheeha: Yeah, I killed it. Elias: I thought it died by itself. Kevin: So, did you cook it? Madheeha: Yes, boss. I’ve made my famous lamb stew with half of it.And the other half is on the barbeque pit. Kevin: That’s good! Elias, you’re very lucky. You get to taste her famous lamb stew. Elias: Alright, alright Bring me the barbequed and your FAMOUS lamb stew. Madheeha: Right away! Madheeha walks away. Elias takes his carpet and put it on the floor. Madheeha puts lamb on the table. Elias: Why is my lamb on the table? Who is it for? Madheeha: Sorry. Kevin: No, no. Elias. We have to share. Elias: Yeah, yeah. We can share on the floor. Kevin: No, no Elias. You are one, they are many. Come sit at the table. Elias transfers everything on the table. Kevin: Thanks guys so much for coming.I really appreciate your attendance here. It means so much me. I hope you enjoy the food that I personally prepared. No caterer you know? BO LUI Vikram: Bo lui? What do you mean bo lui? You just added 20 million in your bank account. Isabel: Its only 20 million, darling. Selina: Walaoeh, 2o million ah? You no share share with me ah? Kevin, I’m your long long long†¦.. long long long†¦.. so long long what cousin ah? (count fingers) Tarshini: I’ll work my whole life and I won’t even get 1 million. Isabel: That’s why you look like that. Vikram: Are you interested in doing business? Isabel: Like, no.Merging my fashion industry with your M & A is so overrated. Kevin on the other hand†¦. is like, on the other hand. Shafar, laugh! Shafar laughs. Selina: What business what business? Can make money ah? I want I want. Viktam: Do you hear the dog barking? Kevin: I open one shop for you lah. Specifically one shop for you. I open a bubble tea shop for you. Selina: Got bubble tea one meh? How you make the tea got bubble? Soap ah? Kevin: No lah, no lah, no lah. You just find a name and the shop is yours lah. Selina: Tea is cha. T ime is si kan. So, chasikan lah! Kevin: Can ah can ah. Cha Siew pao also can lah.Isabel: Kevin, would you like to lead my fashion line for males? I need an inside view on the males. Mahir: Inside view? I can give you an inside view. Elias: Inside view? Vikram: Come, let’s talk this out. Isabel: Like, no. Shafar! Shafar shows the hand to Vikram. Vikram: I can make your life miserable. Shafar: Go ahead. It doesn’t get worse than this. Mahir: Why you look so quiet? You look so depressed, girl. Tarshini: No, I’m okay. Mahir: I can’t even hear what you’re trying to say. Tarshini: No, I’m okay! Mahir: Chill girl. Continue with your depression. Tarshini: I think I’m going to go to the toilet.Vikram: So how do you know Kevin? Elias: I knew him from uni. Vikram: So you guys go way back. Mahir: Not as back as me. Elias: What about you? Vikram: Kevin is my business partner. Elias: Oh so what do you do? I’m interested in doing some busines s in Malaysia. Vikram: Kevin, you didn’t tell me Elias is a rich bastard. Kevin: Oh yeah, yeah. He deals with importing and exporting fuel. Vikram: Hey! We can use this guy! Kevin: Hey, he is my friend! Vikram: I meant, we can use a guy like that. Kevin: Okay, then. I’ll discuss with Elias and see if he’s interested in doing some business with us.Vikram walks back happily, like he just won the lottery. Isabel kept turning and hits shafar. Glares. Isabel: Get lost! Shafar :Sorry, mam. .CENSOR. Shafar: She’s such a CENSOR. Madheeha: Tell me about it. Shafar: Does your boss treat you like this? Madheeha: No, he’s very nice. Shafar: You’re so lucky. Without me, I don’t think she’ll be able to go to the toilet without me. She can’t even brush her own teeth. Madheeha: Laughs Kevin: Madheeha! Madheeha: Yes, boss! Shafar stares. Kevin: Nah, you can clear this and have the balance. All yours. Madheeha: Wah, so much ah. Selina: Wa h, so the many food ah?Madheeha takes it all to the back. Shafar: Your boss is so nice. Madheeha: Yes, he is. Isabel: Shafar! Shafar: Here I go again. Isabel: Clear my bones and you can have some of those. Shafar shows Madheeha the plate and throws it. Selina: Eh, eh Madheeha. Just now the food ah, give me some can ah? Madheeha: Can, can. No problem. Selina: We loves our food, We loves our bag, my plecious. Selina: Hey, hi hi hi. Elias: What is she doing? Kevin: She's saying hi. Elias: So many times? Seline shakes her hand, palm at the top. Elias looks startled and gives money to Selina. Selina: Wah, free money. SO good ah?Selina takes the money and walks away. Isabel: Shafar, Shafar. Where is this, Shafar? Kevin: Madheeha! Get Shafar for me please. Madheeha brings Shafar. Isabel: How many bloody times do I have to tell you I only call once? Kevin: She’s been calling your name for three times and I had to call Madheeha to get you. Shafar: You know what? I quit! Shafar starts walking away. Isabel: No worries, Kevin. Watch me. Kevin: Watch what? Isabel: Shafar, did you just forget your family’s lives belong to me? I can just make a call and they’re †¦ Cut throat motion. Kevin, can I borrow your phone? Kevin: Anything for you my dear.Kevin passes the phone. Shafar: Sorry, mam. I was just joking. Hehehe. Both Kevin and Isabel turns away. Shafar – head down Madheeha comforts her and takes Shafar away. Isabel: I’m gonna make a move. Call me up for high tea or something okay? Bring Mahir. Kevin: I’ll give you a tinker, around, let’s say, Wednesday? Isabel: Anytime will do. Air kiss. Leaves with Shafar. Elias: Bye. I better go too. Kevin: See you soon Tarshini: Kevin, I think I, I better leave. Kevin: I hope you enjoyed the party and the company. Tarshini: No. Not really. Mahir chased me to the toilet. While I was at the dining table.Kevin: That bugger. So sorry for my useless, idiotic, friend. Mahir goes thumbs up ! Wide smile! Tarshini: No hope lah. Buh bye. Vikram: So, Kevin. I better make a move. Kevin: Yeah, sure. See you. Vikram: Remember to discuss with Elias about the business. Kevin: Okay, I will. Selina: Eh, I go first ah? Selina walks out the door. Mahir: Hey man. I gotta go to another party. Kevin: Okay then. Bye! So, Madheeha cleans the place up. As Mahir was going out of the door, Selina: Eh, I forget something Everyone stares while Selina goes to the snack table and takes the last remaining box of tissue.

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