Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Describe a situation in which you combined analysis and creativity to Personal Statement

Describe a situation in which you combined analysis and creativity to solve a challenging problem - Personal Statement Example A major factor in the retail industry is the influence by policy published by Chinese government that takes the anti-corruption campaign against gift-giving culture. Men luxury, jewelry will definitely be affected by the policy. This year, I come back to China to find out the many new stores of famous brands in the Chinese market that have been closed and its sales have reduced from about 150 in 2012 to about 100 in 2013. Meanwhile, the decrease rate is one-third and I think it is very puzzling and challenging to figure out the real reasons of this phenomenon. It is said that Chinas luxury market has grown rapidly from the enclosure stage to the development of sustained attention to the customer experience and comparable store sales stage. I want to establish the reason because I feel very interested in this situation and want to research the reasons for this problem. In this regard, I plan to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge to study this problem. It is not easy to learn all the pictures of all the problems faced by stores of famous brands. Therefore, I run to many stores that sell the famous brand clothing and learn this price in China since I am a Chinese and want to study Strategic design a nd management. It is easy and creative for me to know some situations, sales, and styles by communicating with sellers. Usually, it is thought that the price is the most important reason to explain the reduction and decrease of the sales for luxury clothing. However, only the price in China is higher than the clothing with same style, but also the types of styles are rich. This probably explains the phenomenon that many Chinese customers want to buy luxury clothing in foreign countries instead of China. Meanwhile, from my own research I established that the main method is to search for information from the internet and library in the university to establish the reasons behind this whole scenario. Essentially, 73% of

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