Sunday, November 17, 2019

Compliance with Nursing Homes Regulations Essay Example for Free

Compliance with Nursing Homes Regulations Essay Determine how compliance with the regulations and development of risk-management and quality-management systems for each type of organization contribute to the organization’s overall performance-management system. Nursing homes contribute to their overall performance management systems by making sure that management offer an opportunity to set goals, while clarifying expectations, always being able to reinforce a job well done, initiate change, and foster a healthy working relationship between supervisor and employee which is most important because that will affect the work performance of staff and the quality of the care that is being provided. ( Julie Ditzler Developing an effective system for performance appraisal. Drug Manufacturers contribute to their organizations performance management systems by applying the competency process of Control, Optimize, Reduce, and Extend ,better known as the CORE process. This stands for Control – You can leverage contract templates and extensive term and clause libraries with process-specific authoring and approval cycles that eliminate non-standard terms and prevent rogue contracts from cutting into an organization’s revenue. Optimize – Analytical tools and template-based authoring are just some of the tools that help you create an advanced workflow to drive the best possible deals for you, your partners, and your share holders. Reduce – You can reduce use of non-standard terms and conditions, and thus shorten time-to-contract and increase your margins, using a clause-level, multi-conditional approval hierarchy built into the authoring process. Extend – You can expand the way your organization uses contract-based risk profiles by identifying and aggregating contract-specific language that normally would be locked in a file cabinet. ( ââ€" ª In mental clinics and hospitals the management teams in quality, development, and risk support their organization’s contribution to performance management systems by Treat people fairly and respectfully regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or preference, sex, or age. ââ€" ª Regard, recognize and value differences in the needs and views of others. ââ€" ª Take advantage of the rich backgrounds and diverse talents of their staff. ââ€" ª Consider and honor different opinions, styles and ways of working. ( All hospitals want to be on top in regards to quality of care and revenue and although getting to the top is a hard job it is even a tougher job to stay there once you reached the top. The performance management systems in hospitals allows management to identify areas for improvements, plan systematic performance improvements initiative, while setting targets and tracking metrics continuously.

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